Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Unprotected Sex the New Marriage?

Hmmm… Is unprotected sex the new marriage? Thats what an Oakland teenager had to say that has the world in a buzz. He suggested that “among his friends and acquaintances, ditching the condoms for the pill, signifies taking monogamy to a new level.” I thought about it, I looked at all my relationships and well I’ve always gone by that logic as well. Once the condom comes off we are together, and she graduated to the title of wifey.

Some said it was ‘mindless hip-hop MTV” and not intelligent information, but I think its just how people think in urban America. Its not like this is the first backwards ideology we declare gospel there are plenty. We’ll have oral sex with out protection but won’t have intercourse without protect, so we’ll rather eat the disease… Yeah genius.

Now, I do believe that having unprotected sex does build a certain level of trust between partners that doesn’t come natural. Sex in general is a crap roll with your life, and a lot of men and women are gambling with their life, hoping they don’t come home with something that doesn’t go away. So how many times have you been married?


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