Friday, January 20, 2012

Grumpy Bitches???

Let me first start off by saying that I don't know if this is an epidemic or what but I've been noticing that there are a lot of grumpy ass, can't seem to see nothing positive in the world, "i was ready to cuss yo ass out" bitches out here lately! And when I say "bitch" I don't mean that to be derogatory amongst all women...but you know just the sub par having ass ones! Now I don't know if its because these girls haven't been fortunate enough to begin accomplishing some of their goals, done got fucked over a time or too, in the #lonelygirlsclub, tired of still struggling, living w/ regrets, or what but god damn!....quite frankly I don't really think there's anything worst then a grumpy ole just plan negative ass broad! And what puzzles me the most is that these women get to really thinking that its cool too....

So the other day I went and kicked it with one of my ole skool rollies (codename "Samantha") and began to ask her about her dating situation, flourishing friendships, etc all this girl fucked around and did was shit on niggas about how whack they are and talk about how she don't really "fuck with bitches like that" (Which she should of damn near starting crip walking and throwing gang sings she was going so hard). And then homegirl got into telling me how she bullies her son and make his lil ass standup in the kitchen whenever he wants to eat or drink any food but didn't make nann reference to the kitchen table that looked like it ain't had a single finger on it 3 or 4 I was sitting their kinda confused and drawing a blank.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Fuckery of the Week

I gotta admit...sometimes I just don't understand niggas these days....

..Now maybe it's me and one of my asshole tendencies, but how in tha hell does this nigga expect to be taken seriously when you got a FB profile pic w/ a suit & tie on but got ya employer listed as the "Taco Bell breakfast crew" LMAO

Cmon son......#YouKnowYouAintNoMgmtMaterialNigga!

And then your "favorite" philosophy is YOU LIVE TO DIE YOU DIE TO LIVE.......WTF? yeahhhh, about that...killyaself LOL

..but im sure he's a very "nice" guy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jay-Z Lays Off Half Of Rocawear Staff

so look... let me preface this first by saying that I ain't nobodies business and/or success critic but letting over half of your staff go kinda sounds like some sucka shit to me all things considered (although Rocawear is a kinda whack brand now) so for that I say f*ck hov! When you are a young black millionaire don't nobody supposed to get laid supposed to shift the jobs elsewhere daddy to make sure everybody keep getting money not cut their necks off because the power is in the people...young up and comers are supposed to want to work for and inspire to become people like you, not feel like they could get f*cked as a business man myself I kinda gotta say f*ck hov for this yo word up!

And I know I may be coming on a little strong but about an hour before I came home and saw this i just hoped off the horn building with my man from college for about 30min talking about the race we are in to get 6 figures ourselves so to see people who are in a position of power to help create other opportunities for other people and can't see that vision just baffles me yo..

Excert form the New York Post:
Hov just fired 28 of the 56 member staff at his once hugely successful Rocawear Clothing company according to the New York Post.

The massive lay off was due to "economic reasons" according to documents filed with the New York State Department of Labor. The bad economy has hurt a lot of businesses, but according to a source Jay just doesn't seem interested in the company any more. He rarely shows up in the office.