Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#Bitchassness of the Week: Brother Dies After Eating Cocaine Hidden In Older Brother’s Butt

Let the record show that this is a prime example showing how these jits nowadays don't have no idea of whats really going on and how to handle themselves in these streets....which is all the more reason to be honest why ya'll can have that street shit!

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.-Deangelo Mitchell is being charged with manslaughter after his brother, Wayne Mitchell ate cocaine that was hidden in Deangelo’s buttocks and died of a drug overdose. Wayne ate the cocaine to save his brother Deangelo from being charged with drug possession and Deangelo is now charged with involuntary manslaughter for his brother’s death.

Pic of the Day...hustle hard!

Hustle Hard! LMAO

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#thirstyniggashit D.C. Authorities Confiscate Guns, Drugs And Millions Of Dollars By Impersonating A Fake Record Company

Now this a prime example of what I call thirsty n!gga shit.....aka raping you records! Some niggas will do anything to get on...

So apparently Washington D.C. authorities along with ATF confiscated over $7.2 Million dollars in drug money and over 161 firearms by impersonating a fake rap label with a fake artist. Allhiphop reports:
According to Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, D.C. police and ATF agents acted as undercover officers and “music industry insiders” during the year-long sting.

The police created the “Manic Enterprisess” studio in Northeast Washington, for fictional rap artist Richie Valdez in November of 2010.
Agents then told the underground world and black market that they were seeking to purchase weapons and drugs.

Over the course of the year, agents confiscated 161 firearms (including a rocket launcher), 29 assault weapons, 80 pounds of methamphetamine, 21 pounds of cocaine, 1.25 gallons of PCP, 24 pounds of marijuana, heroin and Ecstasy.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Damn: Suicide Notes Compiliation

Damn I guess shit is really that real kid.

Not to fuck up anybodies day or nothing but these suicide notes were gathered at the coroners’ offices by a suicidologist/psychiatrist who asked to be anonymous. He edited identifying details out of the compiled manuscript, and he changed the names. But the text of each letter plus the age and sex given are real. All these people did kill themselves.

The notes:
-Single female, age 21 
My dearest Andrew, 
It seems as if I have been spending all my life apologizing to you for things that happened whether they were my fault or not. I am enclosing your pin because I want you to think of what you took from me every time you see it. I don’t want you to think I would kill myself over you because you’re not worth any emotion at all. It is what you cost me that hurts and nothing can replace it.