Friday, April 13, 2012

Woman Claims Working At McDonald’s Turned Her Into A Prostitute

I always suspected Ronald McDonald was a pimp… just look at the way he dresses. Who else would rock a yellow and red suit with a butterfly collar? Well, a woman in Vegas claims that while working at the Golden Arches, she went from serving Happy Meals to giving “happy endings.” From Huffington Post:
Shelley Lynn, a former prostitute and employee of the Las Vegas Chicken Ranch brothel, has claimed in a federal court complaint that McDonald’s played a role in her becoming a sex worker, the Consumerist reports. 
Lynn is suing McDonald’s along with her ex-husband and his company Ivernia, which owned the local McDonald’s franchise where Lynn was employed as a cashier 20 years ago, according to the complaint obtained by Courthouse News Service.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mixtape: C-Mack #431002

Be sure to check out the brodie because this shit goes hard! #431002 - (410) + 321

1.Only If ft Scootie J
2.Headlines Freestyle
3.Call Out ft Scootie J and Jerz
4.Racks Remix
5.Bravo ft Alias Platinum
6.100 Hunnit ft Jerz
7.Jealousy ft Stacckz and Jerz
9.The Zone Freestyle
10.What It Do ft Scootie J
12.Touch Down ft Cee Dot and Breeze
13.Shot Caller Freestyle
14.Be Mine ft Feva Da General and Dazz
15.Hands On Me Interlude
16.Go Off (Right Now) ft Scootie J
17.Cypher Freestyle
18.The Way I Am Freestyle
19.Drank In My Cup Freestyle
20.The Best Night Ever ft Big Core
21.Electric Chair Music C-Mack

Download - C-Mack #431002: The Mixtape

Monday, April 9, 2012

Brazil’s ‘Gang Of Blondes’ Kidnapped Shoppers, Maxed Out Credit Cards

So apparently, blondes do have more fun. 

Usually, when I post something about Brazil it’s booty-related. But if you’ve seen the movie City of God (one of my all-time favorites) then you know Brazil is also famous for crime. Hijacking, kidnapping, murder… you name it, it’s poppin off down there. This story, however, is particularly intriguing because the criminals in question are a gang of sexy bilingual blonde women who ironically prey on other blonde women. I guess shit iz real kid....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blustack App Player Lets You Use Android Apps on a Windows PC

BlueStacks is an application that installs on your Windows computer and then allows you to run any Android app through it. This is a brilliant piece of software and one that developers should thoroughly embrace. Through something like BlueStacks, applications from devs can reach more than just Android devices and are now essentially a part of everyone’s Windows PC without the need for code tweaking. This app player does all of the work.

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