Thursday, June 25, 2009

She Said “Don’t C** In Her Mouth”

I admit when I first saw this pic I started thinking to myself and was like damn..."Out of all the cum that has ever came out of me didn't any of it even matter unless it went in somebodies mouth." (or at least those were the most memorable moments)...Now ain't that some sh*t! And I know that it might seem like some straight wildness to say but that's real game to some of us, no sh*t and probably why the people who'll get offended sex lives are lacking anyway. Or maybe it's just me...but I do gotta admit though up until this point even after all this time I never seemed to wonder exactly how do you even begin to find out if a chick swallows or not? Like whats the precursor to that sh*t? All I know is that some girls front and some girls don't. (Lol)...Like my favorite sh*ts is when I'm sitting there getting sucked off and then I tell her I'm about the cum and you can just sit there and watch em (women) thinking about how they wanna handle I wanna hold him down? tha hell with this n*gga?...and it's gets even crazier when I see some girls go into panic mode like they don't know what they're supposed to do next.

Either way I go hard for mines and any girl that has ever dealt with me knows that so as long as babygirl is fly and she goes hard for hers to, I think I'll be alright. Now honestly when I'm dealing with women I truthfully don't even really expect anything, but if they can catch me with something unexpected like that, than i think that's my kind of women!

One Love

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