Friday, July 9, 2010

Minister Farrakhan: On The Black Agenda & President Obama

Now traditionally most Christians and other non-Muslim religions for some time have been against Louis Farrakhan for what they see or believe to be belligerent, insensitive, or even disingenuous radicalism on his quest to speak out for and perpetuate the "black" experience as it applies through the eyes of what we can all refer to as white supremacy but what I see, or at least in this dialog, is an indigenous man, a spiritual man, who holds the capacity in his thought to raise the awareness of a nation..many of which have no awareness or knowledge of, themselves. Needless to say, this video stimulated my consciousness and raised my subconsciousness to a whole new level of understanding so to just sit and watch this video and take it all in I couldn't help but to think that 1) I just wish we had more brothers out here who were not afraid of fulfilling their own potential, 2) who could showcase the same god given gifts and abilities, and 3) express them from the heart and be willing to share it with the world. - 1 luv

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