Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Twitter Effect: 5 People you Should Follow on Twitter and Why

Now naturally as many people agree Twitter is actually pretty childish! Just the premise of "following" someone just to get senseless information from a person like "in the club popping mad bottles" or "...trick get off me!" is kinda corny and honestly if I even cared what you are doing anyway I'll just ask so personally that's why I never tweet anything but in finding out and looking @ the twitter accounts of other people I can begin to see how entertaining it can be (making the assumption that you are following interesting people/places/or things)

So in proper fashion I've compiled a list of all of the Twitter accounts that either I follow or that at times I feel are worth following just to peek your interest at any given point in time:

1. Kevin Hart @ KevinHart4real - Now some of you may not agree, but he's 2x funnier than Katt Williams and especially on twitter, it just seems like he wakes up and goes to sleep cracking jokes. Even if nothing more than a good laugh, yo you've got to follow this kid.

2. Lil Duval @ lilduval - Easiest one of the most random people of the planet and another comedian, Lil Duval just happens to be another one of the punch line kings to hold the throne. But I also must warn you though, maybe all he does is tweet because often times it seems as though he sends out a new tweet every 20 minutes.

3. Allie XXX @ ALLIEINCREDIBLE - The most explicit chic I've came across on the net by far, home girl keeps it gritty, super kinky, and slutty but her angles make alot of sense actually, maybe not so much for men to read but definitely for women (disclaimer: sometimes) or you can check her out @

4. Mixtape Torrent @ mixtapetorrent - Now I know just about everybody likes listening to music but nobody really wants to pay for it nowadays so here's a site to download the hottest most worthy mix tapes around and its completely legal as opposed to downloading albums and running the risk of getting fined etc. This is what I like to refer to as a "recession proof hustle"

5. Dr Cornel West @ CornelWest - One of the most inspirational brothas I've ran across in a long time, his messages are very uplifting and rejuvenating to the state of young people invulnerable or suffering. He has exceptional intellectual content...WAKE UP!

And I'm sure sure there are many more, but 9 times outta 10 you'll see more than half of the people you follow is pointless anyway...but the greatest benefit is for updates to professional business information.

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