Saturday, October 23, 2010

PSA: You Sagging? Cmon son....

     Not for nothing but I'm not sure who gave this a pass or co-signed that sagging was cool but this is homo right here! I know back in the early 90's when everyone said that Hip Hop was going to take over the world, I didn't really think they meant literally though because now it seems like these clowns will jump on and imitate anything that somebody else will say is hot! Understandably, back in the days we all know it was trendy but honestly I thought that was back in the Salt n Pepa, TLC, and Kris Kross days and that was when we were like 15 but now we are all in our mid 20's/early 30's and I'm still seeing grown men in 2010 wearing fitted jeans and letting their jeans hang off of their ass to the point where you can damn near begin to see their butt crack on purpose...u serious? Cmon son that's fulgazi and some faggot ish! If that's a word....

Now honestly look at this picture (on the right) and compare it with the one up above and tell me how in the hell it's different? Because it's not... That's my word, go to any strip club Magic City in ATL or Club Rollexx in Miami an that's exactly how you'll see the strippers wearing their thongs but they do it to accentuate their physical features...its the allure of the game. So help me understand the concept of skinny jeans again? LMAO

The funny this is, I keep seeing all these editorials on how there are some many and a disproportionate number of successful black women who are unable to find any good black men when the real problem is that it's because all of these #&*@#$ are carrying themselves like skeeo's (pronounced ski - o) and dressings like queers.... so any reasonable and respectable women just cant get that hardcore to except that as a perception of the future, her future. All to many times I think we fail our women more than they've ever turned their back on us just in general, case in point - look at how we carry ourselves. And as a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever met one girl who's ever turned their back on me yet and I've done been knee deep in the game since I was about 15.

Either way whatever it is I'm just convinced that there's a whole new breed of new &%$#@! out here that apparently are trying to carve out their own whole new lane so whoever they are and whatever they are trying to do I'm sure they'll do just fine as long as they stay the ^#$& away from me with that BS.


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