Sunday, November 14, 2010

#TheBuriedLife 2.0....What are the 100 things that you want to do before you die?

So I've been watching this series on MTV called the "Buried Life" about these 4 white kids who made up this list of 100 things they want to do before they die for a while now right and have always been inspired by it, but more recently seeing how I'm actually getting closer to 30 and there's so many of my goals that I've been able to accomplish already, looking to the future and 2011 I'm starting to feel excitedly more compelled and inspired to be more proactive & productive about dictating the type of life that I want, that we all feel like we truly deserve. Because after all if you are not really pursuing what you truly want to do then what are you doing right? So like these four kids every week until 2011 I'm going to come up with a list of 10-20 things that I wanna do before I die until I have 100 so as soon as my list is complete (beginning 2011) in no particular order or priority I'm going to begin going in solely for the purposes of scratching off one more item on the list so when it's all said and done I truly say I don't have any regrets! #100

In no particular order: (1st list)
  1. Sky dive
  2. Throw a major party in a Las Vegas hotel and casino
  3. Travel to Nepal
  4. Build my own PR/Promotions company
  5. Become a college professor or teach on a collegiate level
  6. Attend an NBA All-Star game w/ court-side seats
  7. Get a motorcycle
  8. Start a family
  9. Build a home in Africa
  10. Day trade my way into 1/4 of a million dollars
  11. Meet ******
  12. Engineer a Community Outreach Program for troubled teens and/or convicted felons
  13. Startup
  14. Create my own Fashion Line
  15. Have sex w/ a Porn Star
  16. Write a screenplay and shop it in Hollywood to be turned into a short/small film
  17. Learn to speak a second language
  18. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  19. Learn how to DJ
  20. Get closer to GOD
  21. Take a Piss off of the Empire State Building

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