Monday, March 21, 2011

A Conversation on "Black Identity" & "Uncle Toms"

Look I'ma keep it real with you, in my mind Chris Broussard is Speaking the TRUTH about "black culture" and this "uncle tom" fiasco when reacting to Grant Hill & Jalen Rose's arguing about black rights! As a black man myself, even in my own experiences I've seen all to often for those of us who attain a certain level of success or receive notoriety, which whom are then able to propel and excel past the stereotypes of what most consider to be the conventional "black experience" seem to have our authenticity questioned by our own people rather then to receive the recognition and embrace for assisting in moving the culture forward.

And honestly its kind whack actually....its like within the black community we all praise the lil kid who says he wants to grow up and be a lawyer, but then when he grows up and becomes one, now we look at him like he's not one of us no more or a sellout. Almost as if, instead of us recognizing that he is now able to be in a position to represent us and advocate our agenda, we now look at him like he's betrayer of his own people because he's adapted to the aspects of a "white" experience. In some cases my thought is some of us even think so less of ourselves thats why there always seems to be this attempt made to ridicule the likes of anyone else that does not appear represent the same reflection that we see of ourselves in the world! Damn man I don't why we've got to do that to each in the immortal words of Kat Stacks stay up and think righteously!


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