Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Do Smoke Tricks...

So, if you want to impress your friends with smoke tricks, this is the article for you. Some of these simple tricks can be performed best with a Hookah pipe, but a cigarette or a bong or pipe still work as well. Hookah works better mainly because the smoke is thicker and it is easier to inhale as opposed to cigarettes because Hookah smoke isn't too hot when it is inhaled. So the article will list tricks, difficulty rating (in my opinion) and a rating on how cool it looks (again in my opinion). However, these instructions follow if you are using a hookah so if smoking a cigarette/bong/pipe, you will have to improvise with the inhale timing.

    Smoke Rings
    • Difficulty: 8/10
    • Impressiveness: 10/10
    • Smoke rings are by far one of the hardest tricks to pull off but they are by far one of the coolest you can perform. Some people can blow a big ring and then blow a little ring through it (very cool).
    1. Take a hit between 5 and 10 seconds long. Don't inhale the smoke, just suck it into your mouth.
    2. Make your mouth in an "O" shape. It really helps to curl your lips around your teeth. The "O" must be more vertical than horizontal if you are going to successfully blow rings. So, make the "O" shape, curl your lips around your teeth, then make sure the "O" is vertical, not horizontal.
    3. Make a little cough in your throat. This little cough is extremely hard for some people while it is very easy for others. This is the part that people cannot successfully do whether it being because of what you have to do or their timing isn't right or whatever else their problem is. It just takes time and practice

    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Impressiveness:8/10
    • Pretty cool trick fairly easy.
    1. Take a fairly big hit 3-5 secs.
    2. Again, Do not inhale the smoke keep it in your mouth.
    3. Stick your bottom lip out so that it is past your upper lip.
    4. Now inhale from your nose and it should cause a waterfall effect between your mouth and your nose.

    Snap Inhale

    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Impressiveness: 5/10
    • The Snap Inhale is a pretty easy and straightforward trick. It just involves a little practice.

    1. Take a fairly small hit, about 2-4 seconds.
    2. Control your exhale, slow it down to about half as fast as you would normally exhale. Make sure the exhale is very slow and light, so the smoke comes out as a cloud.
    3. One the smoke cloud is outside your mouth, suck it back in and then exhale normally. This may sound pretty easy, but it isn't too easy, although it isn't rocket science (it's not too hard).

    Dragon Smoke or Dragon Force

    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Impressiveness: 4/10
    • This is a pretty cool trick if you can do it right. But it is pretty simple.

    1. Take as big of a hit as you want (as long as it's over 4 seconds).
    2. Close the middle of your top lip onto your bottom one, so that there are two openings on both sides of your mouth.
    3. Exhale and smoke should come out on both sides of your mouth. If you want it to be really cool, move your head around so the smoke trails, hence, Dragon Smoke.

    French Inhale

    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Impressiveness: 6/10
    • For some people, this trick is one of the hardest ever. But for others, it is literally the easiest trick ever.

    1. Take a 3+ second hit. Again, don't inhale the smoke. Keep it in your mouth.
    2. Curl your bottom lip so that it is farther out than your top lip. Make sure the lip is curled upward, otherwise it won't work.
    3. Exhale very slightly, then push the smoke out with your mouth. It can help to tease it out with your tongue. As it flows out, inhale through your nose. Inhale as much as desired then simply exhale normally.
    4. If you bounce the cigarette up and down vertically, it should make smoke rings.

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