Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 of The Most Racist Toys Ever Made

Sometimes just goggling the net for random sh!t, its amazing the sh!t that you can find....

1. Golly Wog

An English toy based on a 1885 book with a character of the same name. Many people still believe that the toy is a relic of an earlier time when racism against black people was blatant. Recently the Supermodel Naiomi Cambell assaulted airline staff after reportedly being called a ‘Golliwog supermodel’

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2. Chop Suey Specs
Made famous recently on Reddit - these spectacles manage to both amuse and offend at the same time.

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3. Jogo Dos Grooms


A Portuguese game that involved shooting black soldiers with anything you could lay your hands on.

4. Darkey in a watermelon


The advert describes the toy: “Upon opening the watermelon which is made of papier mache, is found a little pickaninany, southern darky with cloth diaper fasted with miniature safety pin and small nursing bottle. His white eyes flash the whole face indicated perfect happiness.”

5. Dapper Dan the Coon Jigger


Not to be confused with the not-so-racist “Dapper Dan” that is currently available at Dapper Dan

6. Always did spise a mule


This was a mechanical bank popular in the late nineteenth century. The bank portrays an African American man riding a mule that, when pushed, throws the rider over it’s head as the coin goes into the bank. Displayed a violence against blacks that was acceptable at the time, and was also thought of as “fun”.

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7. Hitler’s Limousine


Whilst not as obviously racist as the rest of the toys it ain’t something your is kid is going to take to “show and tell
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8. Barack Obama Sock Puppet


Racist toys are not just the play things of our grandparents. This monkey sock puppet of American Presidential hopeful “Barack Obama” was only released last month! (thankfully it’s no longer available for sale)

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9. Greedy Nigger Boy

The racist intent is so obvious with this item, I am shocked that this used to be gift for young children!
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10. Nigger make-up


The Advert says it all:

“The Outfit comprises a black stocking mask that can be slipper over the head in a moment, odd eyes, buck teeth and banana plantation straw hat.”

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