Friday, February 24, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder...

Sometimes I wonder....whenever you ignore someone but they keep calling and texting you what is the bigger point that they are trying to prove??? Like you ain't got nothing better to do then to fuck with somebody that obviously ain't got time or slightest inclination to be fucking with you....Cmonson!

I mean look the way I see it, it's like this it's either 1 of 3 things going on here and all of them are just as goofy as the next but nonetheless here are a list of the things that i have to go through so here it is:
  1. They don't think that you can really ignore them forever - which is some childish shit
  2. No matter what in the hell you say or do they are so insistent on saying what they want to say or get the point across that they wanna get across - which is some ignorant shit
  3. They are really on some Brandy "I wanna be down" and you know I love you type shit but they are so frustrated or disturbed by emotion and rage that they've warped some unrealistic expectation that you are supposed to interpret their persistence and animosity/ignorance towards you as a sign or symbol of affection and allegiance because they are giving so much of themselves.....and I might add, to a situation that's probably bullshit - which is some crazy shit.
So now with all that being said, which one do you think that I get the pleasure of having to deal with day in and day out with these busters? LOL

Man Sometimes I wonder....cmonson!

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