Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Lord...if you are listening

I don't know why man but life can be some real trippy shit sometimes. So i just reached out to my home girl from Cali and she tells me that her father just passed and now she's all weird'd out and that she might even be pregnant and doesn't really think she's even ready, some chubby chic i meet a few weeks ago apparently just had to fly bad to Detroit because her father is dying, and my ace-boon-coon out in Houston texts me and tells me that she's at a murder scene (because she's a CSI) wit 3 dead bodies because some kid done went and flipped out and killed his mother, father, and little brother. So dear lord if you are listening...i promise a nigga don't really want no trouble...I'm just trying to figure out each and every way to pay as little in taxes that I can and trying to not go bald until I'm 50.

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