Monday, April 9, 2012

Brazil’s ‘Gang Of Blondes’ Kidnapped Shoppers, Maxed Out Credit Cards

So apparently, blondes do have more fun. 

Usually, when I post something about Brazil it’s booty-related. But if you’ve seen the movie City of God (one of my all-time favorites) then you know Brazil is also famous for crime. Hijacking, kidnapping, murder… you name it, it’s poppin off down there. This story, however, is particularly intriguing because the criminals in question are a gang of sexy bilingual blonde women who ironically prey on other blonde women. I guess shit iz real kid....

According to The Huffington Post’s Latino News column:
Over the weekend, São Paulo police arrested 3 members of an unlikely gang of criminals known as the “Gang of Blondes.” The group of criminals is thought to include six “really pretty” blondes who wreaked havoc around the city by robbing and assuming the identity of fellow beautiful blondes, police chief Joaquim Dias Alves told BBC Mundo. The six women are young, middle class, and educated, according to the police. According to BBC Mundo, the women follow fellow blondes out of shopping centers to their cars, where they steal their credit cards, security codes, and other valuables. One member of the group then assumes the identity of their victim, buying electronics and designer clothes, while the remaining members hold the victim at gunpoint. “The group started out by breaking into condominiums, but in 2009 got into the business of express kidnapping,” Jorge Carlos Carrasco with the Sao Paulo police Homicide Department told the AFP. One male suspect thought to work with the “Gang of Blondes” has also been apprehended by the São Paulo police, according to the same report. The unlikely gang has victimized more than 50 women in the last three years, according to the report by the AFP. “One or two speak more than one language, and some have been educated overseas,” Alves said to BBC Mundo. “They are really pretty girls, well-dressed and made up.”

Blonde-on-blonde violence… what is this world coming to? I thought blondes were supposed to be happy-go-lucky bimbos, not ruthless gangsta bitches. Shit is crazy. Well, I guess the only question left to ask is: Do the “Gang of Blondes” have phat butts? If so, when the perps walk out the precinct, the cameraman would be wise to film some back shots ‘cuz the Thirst Mob wants to know. -One love

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