Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 Ways How to Spoil a Hood Rat

Just happened to start having this ill conversation w/ the big homey about doing for women and when to spoil em and when not to (LOL)...and like you can probably already begin to imagine the more it went on the funnier the convo became. Check the pedigree:

1. Run your fingers through her stretch marks at night time!

2. Help pay for a tattoo to cover her bullet wound..

3. Use her house to host gang meetings

4. Skeet on her stomach and not in the condom

5. Call her after your main girl goes to sleep so she'll think she's the one your always thinking of at night.

6. Take her to Red Lobster

7. Let her bag up your work....

8. Take her to a Plies concert

9. Run her bubblebath with the good dishwashing liquid

10. Put some new furniture in her place to make the rest of the projects jealous

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