Friday, July 16, 2010

101 Signs of a Insecure Woman

Unfortunately over time I've come to realize no matter how much you try and keep it real w/ people, if they are not 100 enough within themselves 1st, then insecurities just about always set in and get the best of the way people begin handling situations and you can just about always start to see the adverse effects play out in your relationship or circumstances. Nonetheless, so in thinking back over all of the experiences I've had I came up w/ somewhat of a list of "101 Signs of a Insecure Woman." to try and....lets just say, immortalize the moments (LOL).

#37 - When a women calls your cellphone just to see if you have it on vibrate or if you have your calls forwarded to another number.

#96 - When she says that you've only sprayed on cologne to cover up the scent of being with another woman.

#71 - When she tells you that you are "living in the past" because you haven't deleted any of your yahoo contacts after you've met her.

#13 - When she tells you that if you don't add her to your Facebook then she will not feel special.

#26 - When she tells you that you are not ready for a real relationship because you mention that you'd rather sit home and relax alone for one night rather than kick it w/ her after spending the last 3wks together.

And the list goes on and on....

Moral of the story: Run!

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