Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CNN Report: Only 47% Percent Of African American Males Graduate Highschool!

And as you progress onto higher levels of education the numbers only get worse. Outta all the kids I went to school w/ besides myself my homeboy Vladymir is the only other kid I know with a Masters degree (MBA).

Working as a Project Mgr in the middle to upper mgmt of a health care facility I see the prominence of this statistic everyday in every way...the lack of education, turning into a lack of representation especially within the corporate structure. I got homegirls who are teachers so its definitely much luv to them for having the humility to dedicate for the lives of others but not being involved in the education industry myself sometimes I often fail to realize or remember these issues even exist or have been existing for the amount of time that they have been until I see the broadcast. Individual success is a funny illusion actually!

I think it's funny how some things seem so far away yet feel so close to home. Each one teach one! Blessings...

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