Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Hip Hop Starting 4

Hate to say it but either the game ain't what it used to be or I'm just getting older so the appeal is different. Nonetheless, except for Nas, alot of MC's I used to listen to now are beginning to sound weak and as far as the artist I never even listened to before anyway i wonder how in the hell they even expect to sell any records. However with that comes a flock of fresh blood, MC's like my personal favorite Nipsey Hu$$le, Wale, and such; although I still have my fan favorites...which are the likes of the TI's , Ricky Rose', and the Game, personally I still dig hunger of new talent, fresh rhymes, and raw lyrics. Which leads us to my Fall/Winter 2010 MC Starting lineup:

1. Nipsey Hu$$le

Credits: For the Money

2. Uncle Murda

Credits: Whatever She Wants ft Ray J

3. Wale

Credits: Eyes of the Tiger

4. Vado

Credits: Large in the Streets

Honorable Mentions: I guess I could go w/ the boy Jay Cole but quite honestly I aint even heard enough material from him yet so until the veridict is out, to be continued.......

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