Monday, August 2, 2010

Death Around the Corner

"I can't give up although I'm hopeless I think my mind's gone
all I can do is get my grind on 
death around the corner" 
- 2Pac

Just got word today that this lady I know lost her 3 sons and ex husband in DUI crash over the weekend in St Petersburg, FL , my girls boy who outta know where a couple months ago got diagnosed with congenital heart failure a week ago suddenly slipped into a comma and then went brain dead, my homegirl who I used to work with got found dead in her house after laying there for 3 days, 2 weeks ago someone else I knew fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tracker trailer on the way home from work and passed away and a couple nights ago on my way to work the street I usually pass by was taped off because a kid got shot outside of a bar and was found dead on the sidewalk.

....There ain't a person in this world that can tell me I can't see death around the corner. Wake up! Blessings...

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