Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drug Ring Smuggles Coke Across Country In Luxury Cars

Rick Ross got the Triple C’s? Well, I’m gonna trump him with Five C’s: Cars Carrying Cocaine Cross Country.

Guess if you’re gonna ride dirty, you might as well do it in the cleanest whip.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Four men have been arrested and a suspected ringleader was still being sought in a California-to-New York cocaine smuggling ring that used luxury vehicles equipped with secret compartments to send drugs and money cross-country, a prosecutor said Wednesday.
The four suspects in custody were arrested last month on Long Island, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said at a press conference. The men were being held on preliminary charges of possession of a controlled substance, but he said upgraded charges were likely against them — and possibly others involved in distributing the cocaine once it got to Long Island — once the case is presented to a grand jury. 
The prosecutor said police seized $3 million worth of cocaine, $900,000 in cash, steroids, money counters and other paraphernalia from several locations. Also seized were eight vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz and two Cadillac SUVs. 
Besides the secret compartments, the ring took extra precautions by placing the vehicles on car carriers ordinarily used by legitimate auto dealers. The car carrier companies weren’t aware that drugs were being shipped inside the vehicles, authorities said. 
“To give you an idea of the money generated by this ring,” Spota said, “They were purchasing the cocaine in California for $20,500 per kilo — and then selling it in the streets of Suffolk County for a price approximately five times that amount once the cocaine was cut and prepared for distribution.”

Cocaine stashed in a luxury vehicle’s glove compartment, right next to the Grey Poupon.

I think Jay-Z and Kanye deserve a Grey Poupon commercial.

By the way, these drug smugglers are Italian. Makes sense ‘cuz if they were people of color, the cops would’ve pulled them over and searched their luxury rides within the first mile of the trip.

Guess all these hot cars will be up for auction, eh? If so, check the compartments for kilos before you pull off the lot. In case of an accident, you don’t want an airbag full of cocaine exploding in your face.

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