Thursday, July 1, 2010

#386 - Way to tell when you are talking to someone and they're High

Alright, so I'm sitting at work last night and decided to call my lil breezy to check up on her because she tried to call me a lil earlier but I was asleep so when i finally woke up and reached back out to her, to have what I thought was going to be a real quick "just to let you know I ain't forgot about you" type of conversation, but to my surprise it went left real quick and quickly turned into a stand up comedy show.....which led to the creation of "999 ways to tell when you are talking to someone and they are high."

Check the manuscript...

Q: So was good?
A: Oh I'm cool
Q: What are you doing right now?
A: Oh I'm chillin, just sitting here watching T.V
Q: Oh word, so what are you watching?
A: Oh I don't know, just some commercials and some other shit but I don't know what it is though.....
Q: You don't know what it is? (lol) So how in da hell are you watching T.V. and not know what it is? Watching commercials? That sounds stupid
Q: So you are watching T.V. and don't know what's on T.V huh? (lol) And why you laughing anyway?
A: (lol) I'm just saying I started laughing because it felt like you were trying to check me
Q: Check you? (lol) That's how people make conversation and besides what do I need to check you for? But not knowing what you are watching on T.V. just sounds dumb as hell to me
A: (chuckling) Oh nah nah, I'm watching the Wendy Williams show
Q: Oh so now you are watching the Wendy Williams show huh?...and before it was commercials? (lol) you must be piff'd up huh?
A: LOL....I'm saying though!

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