Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Anti-rape condom makes world news

Actually I kind of heard about this a couple of days ago but I ain't really never pay any attention to it until browsing the net and seeing the pics online. Apparently this physician (pictured above) from Capetown South Africa has developed a female condom called "Rape-aXe" engineered w/ jagged latex hooks inside of it designed to latch onto the "wood" of a attacker, clenching to his penis once he inserts himself into his victim wearing this and he attempts to withdraw from her.

Obviously there isn't any secret of the growing number of rape cases being reported daily in South Africa, which I believe currently is around 140, alongside the severe amount of crime, but once released its reported that these anti-rape kits will hit the shelves for $2.50 but I just wonder to be able to buy something like this for less than a 6 pack of I can just see all types of woman getting men jammed up for all types of reasons caught up...none of which will probably have anything to do with somebody getting raped but then again I ain't a woman and ain't ever have to worry about anything like this no time soon soI'll let you be the judge!

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