Sunday, June 27, 2010

Economic Collapse 2010-2011?

I can't even lie...for the last 2yrs I been investing like crazy and probably made more money in the last yr then I'll make all this yr alone even w/ two jobs but after watching this video its just amazing to me how unconscious some people are or the level of uncertainty about things that many people have about our financial system. Just like the sun, moon, and stars the economy, government, and technology are the world around us so to not know anything about it is to not know.....

Needless to say, sometimes I sit back and often wonder how the same people who often yearn to live rich and wealthy, are the same ones who confess their content and ignorance at not being good in how can there ever be one without the other?...anyway, screw ya thinking caps on for this one!

The U.S. Government is THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS in debt
Are Tax payers Docile, Passive and easily led to slaughter, like sheep?

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