Thursday, November 11, 2010

It was all a Dream...Turning Dreams into Reality

Not sure why but some reason or the other I had this ill ass dream last night that I got back w/ my girl Antoinette that used to smash back in Hawaii for a night and then right there afterwards then somehow (because I'm not actually sure) somebody popped up questioning me if I had sex with her only to tell me she has AIDS now and then I started wilding because I couldn't even remember if I had used a raincoat or not (as if that even makes it any better right?) LMAO. And the funny thing is in the dream I remember right there afterwards getting the news pacing back and forth with my mind racing trying to figure out and remember if I used a condom or not (Disclaimer: no excuses but things happen). So I'm not exactly sure if the moral of the story was about using or not using condoms (which I'm good on BTW), the intricacies of continuing to deal with people (the same people) who come in and out of your life, or making better decisions/trusting ya instincts (because I always kinda thought she was more dependent which made her a homie hopper and "trying to hard" to be down even more so than being a stand up broad) or what but whatever it was when I woke up it still had my attention beginning to think as an artist about some of the ways I could capitalize and literally begin turning my dreams into a reality...from a creative money making perspective of course!

Which then started making to to think...damn, what if I can lay right back down later on and pick up that same dream right where it left off just to see what was gonna happen? Which led me to my next thought: so I guess that's how movies are made or art is created huh? You come up w/ this idea and you either simply expand upon it or if you are lucky you may be able to have the idea completely play itself out, and to be able to do that that's when you've became a visionary!  So I guess its safe to say it's interesting how inspiration can be drawn from such interesting places...

I mean who knows...maybe I'm just going on and on about nothing. maybe this is goofy, or maybe not but it all made me think about what if I began to look at things as an far as what I could I contribute, create, convey, or communicate as opposed to the pop culture norm of "get money", "pop bottles", or "get hoes" because at least I'll get to maintain the compassion, which seems to me maybe is a little of what the world needs right now. Now I can understand what made people like MJ and even now Kanye and Tyler Perry so special and boss dons in the game...They can turns dreams into a creative reality!


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