Friday, November 12, 2010

Something New: Gold & Platinum Tattoo's???

A company out of Dubai called Precious Skin is introducing new temporary tattoos which are made of 99% gold or platinum. According to the report:

“It’s a revolution in the body art business, it’s the first time we can use 24 carat gold and platinum on skin,” said Arnaud Flambeau, managing director of Flambeau Luxury Trading and Precious Skin. Originally a Japanese concept, Flambeau thought the idea would catch on in the Gulf, where many women have temporary henna tattoos applied for weddings and special occasions.

“We have had a lot of interest so far because it’s a new idea and a new product that’s between jewelery, makeup and accessories and it’s a lot easier to make the decision to get a gold tattoo than buy new jewelery,” said Flambeau.

The tattoos will range from $50 to $5,000 bucks. It’s only a matter of time until someone develops a permanent version for Lil Wayne or Birdman!

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