Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Moment of Clarity....

Not that I care but I came across this image on online which proves unequivocally that homosexuality can not be genetic like some of these advocates in the scientific community are claiming because if it was then both twins should be gay...But then again by looking at this picture its honestly hard to tell which one of these clowns are gay so the straight one must be confused. LMAO! FYI: You just might be gay homeboy if you are standing next to your gay brother holding a sign and you cannot tell the both of ya'll apart!

Shout-out to getting the f*ck outta here with that BS!

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  1. Science says that the majority of the time if one twin is gay so is the other (not every single time)- but still there is a reason that twins are never completely and totally identical even if they look identical. they still have different personalities, different ambitions and goals, slightly different features, sometimes different heights etc. How can you think that sexual orientation is a choice? if a man is attracted to men and not women how is that a choice? if a woman is attracted to women and not men how is that a choice? you think gay people choose to live a life that will surely be constantly hard and they will be subject to constant torment by people like you? why do you think so many gay people have so much trouble coming out! because they are ashamed because so many people tell them it's wrong! no one just wakes up one day and is like 'hey i feel like being gay!'. Why anyone would 'choose' to be gay is beyond me. And if it was a 'choice' gay people wouldn't be able to be turned on or fall in love with same sex partners. you are just being idiotic. You are an immature piece of shit for posting this on here. It is mean and horrible. Grow up and get a life and stop hating on people. Are gay people affecting you in any way? NO! So leave them the fuck alone! And deal with you're own insecurities while you're at it because you obviously are trying to make yourself feel better by hating on other people to make yourself feel better than them. Good day.