Monday, December 13, 2010

PSA: You are a Fake, Phony, and a #Stan

Random Thought: A yo I think it's mad funny how people can ride you like something that you did or are doing is the worst but then you look up after a matter of time and then you see them trying to do the same ish....and got the nerve to try and glamorize to everyone else the same thing that they hated on you for! LOL!. You fake, phony, and a Stan! So anyway, listen up I've gotta story to tell...

So get this, I used to go hard w/ this philly chick who a had ass and a pair of hips that were outta this world right...and I ain't even gonna front initially the kid was kinda gassed because I knew it was only a matter of time before I was going to be pulling donuts in that ish. But nonetheless, so one day I guess she decided or she felt like playing some horndog games and kinda got a kid open but at the time our thing was kinda new so I tried to play it cool but right before I was about to leave I put my hands on her hips and told her that those shits were crazy (caught in a daze) but then ole girl starting spazzing and OD'ing talking about how inappropriate it was to make compliments about a womens body and all this goofy shit (and here I am thinking, but damn can I live?) but then fast forward 5 or 6 months later after I dodged the situation I get a call from my mans telling me to go online and look on and what do you know? Here's this boushey broad on stunting talking about:...or what I mean to say is, there was a question on the profile that said whats the favorite part of your body - and here she was saying my butt! LMAO GTFOH! #Stan

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