Monday, December 13, 2010

#TheBuriedLife 2.0....What are the 100 things that you want to do before you die? (22-40)

In no particular order (2nd list)

  1. Kiss the ocean floor
  2. Learn how to play the guitar
  3. Jump off of a waterfall
  4. Watch the ball drop on New Years from a 200ft yacht
  5. Take a expedition through the African jungle
  6. Go back to the hood and hand out Rolex's to the whole block
  7. Try a stand-up comedy act in front of at least 100 people
  8. Own a krispy kreme donuts shop
  9. Water Ski
  10. Record a studio album
  11. Kiss a stranger on a balcony in Paris
  12. Photograph and compile a photo album from every continent in the world
  13. Crash a private party and rob everyone in the house
  14. Build a art museum
  15. Crash a wedding and start break dancing on the ballroom floor
  16. Blow a million dollars in one day
  17. Wrestle a alligator (but then on 2nd thought maybe not)
  18. Build back up a community thats below poverty level
  19. Run across the new mexico desert naked LMAO!

All lists...
1-21 | 22-40 | 41- 60 | 61 - 80 | 81 - 100

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