Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Understand Women: Lesson #17 (9 Deadly Words Used by Women)

Yeah but it's because ya'll (women) are some evil and emotional ass overtly complicated my experiences this list doesn't even apply to good hearted secure shorties who ain't out here tripping over lil things but then again most people are prone to change so much over time so who in the hell really knows what you'll eventually get over a period of time so I guess it is what it is. And I can't front I've done got bodied before by some chick getting caught up in one of these whack ass situations LOL but either way nonetheless being a dude the way I see it theres really 2 ways for us to play this: 1) is either to get hip to the game and learn to communicate with women in chic code to appease, manage, and mitigate their/your interactions or 2) just keep doing you until she figures out just like you've got her to figure out, she's got just as much to figure out about you!..and thats the part that I find most women struggle with! Moral to the story: Get ya mind right!

Oh and by the way the correct spelling is the title is "woman" #imjustsaying

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