Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man Arrested For Complaining To Cops About Cocaine Prices

So apparently in Connecticut a man named Antonio Recinos was arrested for complaining to a police officer because he felt that his drug dealer had shorted him. Hold up....?????

here's the official report...
According to the East Hartford Police Department, Recinos initially dialed 911 to lodge his complaint, but when he spotted a patrolman he approached the cop to deliver his beef face-to-face.
Recinos, who displayed a small bag of cocaine, told the officer that he had been shorted by his dealer. While it is unclear what Recinos, who apparently had been drinking, expected the cop to do on his behalf, he likely did not expect to end up in handcuffs over his consumer complaint.
....so I guess its true what they say that having little guy syndrome is more powerful than common sense huh! SMH

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