Thursday, March 17, 2011

News Brief: Bill Passes To Ban Sagging Pants In Florida #LMAO

Yo not for nothing but I think this kind of debate is the most silliest shit on the face of this earth and what has the world came to when a legislative bill must be passed in order to have a kid pull his/her pants LOL. And I ain't gonna front, when I was younger I used to sag too thinking I was fly n shit but that was well over 10-15 years ago but living in FlA myself I gotta admit this shit is really like an epidemic out here....even more than lil kids I see a bunch of grown as men sagging even harder then these lil jits and everything. I ain't lyin come to Orlando and I can point out to you a whole number of clubs where damn near everybody in that bitch sagging...But in all honesty though I think the real tragedy to all this is that some of these young parents or lame civil rights groups are gonna run up on the schools attempting to counter-sue acting like there child's rights or freedoms of expression are being violated #GTFOH

Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives' K-20 Education Innovation Subcommittee unanimously passed a legislative bill targeting sagging pants.

"This pro-family, pro-education, pro-jobs bill provides each school district ... adopt a student dress code of conduct, a policy that explains to each student their responsibility," said Rep. Hazelle Rogers, who introduced the bill. "This would make for a better school district and more productive students."
The bill prohibits students from wearing clothing that "exposes the underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner."
This is not the first time that sagging pants have become a legal issue. In 2008 Riveria Beach in Florida passed a by-law that said anyone caught with sagging pants would be subject to a $150 fine or community service, and habitual offenders faced the possibility of jail time. The law was later abolished when it was deemed unconstitutional, this came after a teenager spent a night in jail for wearing his pants too low.

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