Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hope For Hoes: 5 Reasons Men Turn Hoes Into Housewives

So making my morning rounds I recently skimmed through this blog post from Blogxilla who is trying to uncover a couple of reasons why some men try to turn hoes into housewives.....and although I have my own suspicions which he scribed a little more candidly than I probably would I'd say he just about covered it all, peep the manuscript.....
The other day I got a facebook chat from a former “Cinderella“, who told me that she was getting married, and she was wondering why a man would turn a “hoe” into a housewife. She explained to me, while she is not calling herself a hoe, she can see how the world might see her as a bit loose. She’s sexually liberated, and hell since men are so eager to give away the peen, she developed a strong appetite for the wood. She even enjoys women which was one of the reasons I needed her in my life. She believes sex feels too good to pass up all of the easy goodness. She always uses protection.

(She said I can have one last sexual run for the money in exchange of me giving my take on turning a hoe into a housewife. So I put my thinking cap on and told myself there is hope for hoes.)

While no man wants to be a captain save a hoe, most men are Admirals, Master Sergeant and Commanders in Hoe Saving. A lot of women are hoes to somebody, whether she gave it up or not, chances are she’s been called a hoe to her face and behind her back and she probably didn’t have to open her legs for that title. Secondly every woman should be her man’s own personal sex servant and men are willing to spend serious cash to make this happen. Men want to take care of a woman. Men want to provide for women. If you break down marriage it’s only legalize tricking with someone you love. Hell, these days love isn’t even a requirement for marriage.

He Might Not Know She A Hoe: Marriage doesn’t mean secrets are told. Most chicks lie about their number, most men don’t even want to know the number. The more we face reality the more we realize we don’t want to know reality. We like living in a bubble, and even when the truth is told to a person, they tend to accept it at first, but expect people to change into something else because of the relationship. “Baby, I know we met in the strip club, but you don’t need to do that anymore!” That sort of thinking is typical but entirely wrong. Love the person for them.

He Is In Love With The Sex: While men like to think we are king ding a ling the entire sex game is controlled by the woman. She has the final say, which means she is the boss. Because when men have the final say in sex it’s called rape. Women might only lay there but it’s the power in her vagina that got men doing all types of things to get it. From spending their last to buying nice cars, clothes and homes. Every single thing a man does, it is for the woman. It’s to have sex. If sex wasn’t involved the world would be an ugly place because you don’t need to be attractive to bust a nut.

Men Think They Can Change Them: Men are delusional. We think our penis is the best in the world, we don’t want to think about other sticks, so we don’t even consider there is a better tool out there than ours. We think that if she gets this dick she won’t leave ever. Chances are she’s been had better, but it’s not about better it’s about better, good, and mediocre. She wants it all, because to her, it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. Or should I say it ain’t no fun if she can’t have some of the homies. You can’t change anyone, only they can change themselves.

Men Think With Their Smaller Heads: Do I really need to elaborate?

Bottom line hoes will always get a ring, it’s up to them to settle down and change their ways. I think it’s possible for a hoe to settle down it’s just a matter of time and she’ll be all right.

Original post by Blogxilla

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