Sunday, April 10, 2011

So i think this is going to be one of them post with no name because honestly there's no way to explain all the f*cked up sh!t that it seems like everybody I know is going through right now. This can't be life! I can't even believe its 3:22am and this is the sh!t that has to be on a n!ggas mind....My mans ain't been able to get a job in over 2yrs and I can see that it's really beginning to take it's toll, my big homie from Chicago who was just about to move in with his girl just caught a DWI so now he's probably gonna be in the hole for at least 7 large not to mention the last I knew we wasn't even working, my other homeboy is about to due 6 months for a suspended license charge and acting like its him against the world, my relative just got popped with a couple of pills which is more than likely gonna cost him a felony if not jail time being that he's already got some priors, his homie just caught his 5th...yes 5th DWI so he's gonna have to due so time for that, I just got word that one of the lil orlando homie's just got shot in his chest for trying to talk tough to some brrrrr thinking they gucci mane or plies type n!ggas, I just found out that these 2 kids I grew up with, twins, were popping pills and must of had a bad trip because they drove the car they were driving into a tractor trailer head on and were damn what tha f*ck else can happen?

I guess and tragedy of it all is that is not even summer yet...nobodies got jobs, everybody is struggling, no one trust each something tells me that this is going to be one of the hottest summers ever. Either way man f*ck with anybody else is talking about because it seems to me like that 2012 sh!t is alive and well.

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