Friday, April 22, 2011

Twitter Files: #RIPto (Collective)

Shout-out to @Pimpthoughts but aside from getting money off of twitter if you can this is really the thing that maintaining a twitter account makes worth wild, to connect with live wires from all around the country. But aside from that with all the yaggidy yapping going on...I might jump on every now and again to spread my share of BS into the universe but ultimately w/ priorities on the line this Twitter ish is really just a waste of time anyway so I'm good..

Oh and as for this blogging thing, its really not something that I sit up all day and do's an illusion. I really just queue up posts a couple nights a week and on the weekends to post all throughout the week to give the appearance that I'm consistently publishing content so in all fairness it's really just an illusion not a lifestyle. #respect However I do go kinda hard-body mode on Tumblr which is my virtual mural to satisfy my artistic curiosity:

-love, live life, proceed, progress!

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