Monday, June 21, 2010

And the winner is.....

How real is this...

I just got word today that the team that I participated w/ on my capstone project for graduate school last year won the The 2010 Information Systems Management Award. Here's a copy of the email I got from my graduate school professor a couple of days ago:

Tori, Kimo, Anthony & Valerie,

Congratulations! I submitted your paper to the DeVry competition and you won! The competition is among all DeVry IS600 teams, both online and on ground, for the entire year. Along with a plaque, you will be receiving a cash award in the mail. The cash award is $1,000 divided equally among the team members. Below is the announcement I received:

The 2010 Information Systems Management Award (IS600)

The Information Systems Management Award is presented annually to the School’s MISM student team that, in a comprehensive plan, best demonstrates the ability to integrate various dimensions of an information systems management function simulating a real-world situation.

The 2010 award is presented to a team of students from the Online Center, including Anthony White, Kimo Thomas, (me), and Valerie Whitfield. In their project, ‘ACP Patient Portal,’ the team developed a web-based solution to streamline ACP’s patient admissions process while decreasing operating costs and improving patient satisfaction without increasing additional personnel.

The team’s instructor was Lou Ann McElyea.

And it definitely doesn't hurt that I'm going to get that C-hecko either!

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