Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow #896: Better Sex May Lead to Better Teeth

When I saw this article I couldn't help but start bugging...

According to Teeny_V @

Looking to improve your smile? There’s an option that’s cheaper than the dentist and a lot more fun than brushing your teeth. Studies show that among the many benefits of sex, better teeth is one of them.

How? It is widely known that semen contains many beneficial minerals, and two of those minerals–zinc and calcium–are proven to help prevent tooth decay. Not in the mood to go down? Simply making out can help prevent tooth decay as well; the saliva produced during the act of kissing helps to combat cavity-causing food particles that accumulate after meals. But keep in mind that proper sex etiquette does require you to brush your teeth before and after getting it on anyway, and this in itself promotes healthier and cleaner teeth.

So go ahead and get to the kissing and sucking–your mouth will thank you later!

...And here I had it backwards the whole time

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