Monday, June 21, 2010


I been boxed in all my life
So tell me why in da fuck I shouldn't wild at light
Underneath the city lights
Everybody wanna play so everybody gotta pay the price
Just to get a luxury in life
Where you can get cut by the knife just for flashing a piece of ice
And where demons can hide, and wake up right next to you by your side
So I'm going for mine
Because everything ain't what it seems according to the hands of time
Mass collisions and suicide
Global suspicions of religions corroding the manuscripts of God
I didn't grow up in Oz
But I know that us and this planet ain't the only ones involved
Politicians mistaken the law, trying to design the divine principles of what God's
Sometimes I sit an wonder what pharaohs seen sitting looking at the stairs
Or whats in my grandmothers heart, when she has to watch sin bury the next generation of little boys
I don't know where it starts
Or how it begins
But I know that it ain't over
When will it ever end
Where the struggles of men, extend to even getting exploited due to the color of their skin
Maybe that's what Malcolm meant or Gandhi blast
Or Jesse James ran for when that nigga hauled ass
We need revolution back, before evolution wipes human existence right off the map
Or maybe I'm running my yap
But we still gotta raise our families so you do the math
Stand up like a man and react
Or hold your hands like a coward and look and laugh

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