Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home of the Brave or Death Dumb and Blind?

     Not for nothing but I think its kinda funny how when something like the Connecticut shooting spree killing 8 people occur,  people get up in arms acting as if when these types of events occur that they are the selfish act of one person rather than a reflection of the inequalities of  a subconscious in an american subculture - RACISM. And then what makes matters worst, is when these fake black intellectuals get on TV/radio and try to speak of behalf of "black intelligence" to try and rationalize to a white subculture what happened based on what they've concluded to be the  "psychological disparities" or "mental illnesses" on of man.
     Look at us, we are the worst at that. Why is it that our most skilled and well versed black men can go on TV or radio (even eager at that) and try to rationalize to a predominantly white audience the inordinate circumstances that cause a black man to go on a killing spree but the same men can't even explain to his wife or his community why our daughters sell their ass in the streets or have low self esteem or why his son has an addiction problem. Personally I don't think it justifies what happened, but in the face of opposition or someone in the face of what they believe to be oppression, in this case racism, violence forces you to "deal" with a situation and come to terms with the circumstances that exist within a particular environment.

Have you ever noticed when things spin out of control, tempers rise,  and then someone always end up asking "Why do you want to fight?" or "why can't you try and solve the problem without fighting?" Well consequently its because people do not feel that there are any acceptable alternatives but fighting and it forces you to deal with the moment, this moment. And in a dog-eat-dog balance of power, typically the ones who get what they want are the ones willing to fight for it or take what they want. Even then if you try to blame it on education, or the lack thereof, socio-economics, or any other cultural class structure therein rises a much more alarming misconception which is - theres us and then theres them - which completely abandons the notion of it taking a village to rise a child. Village representing community, community representing everyone; so it's almost somewhat silly to think how some people treat other people will not come back and have adverse impacts and effects on everyone else. 

It sounds like to me from this phone call to 911 he just expressed the same frustrations that I've heard from so many others, yet people still act surprised but dismiss his actions on being mentally please... I know more than enough people who just couldn't wait to see if something was going to happen to President Obama for this same reason so to say that his tolerance threshold is not would yours would be or not what it should have been is trivial....I guess I'm just surprised that people are surprised; yeah alright!

RIP to all of the victims of the Connecticut shooting and RIP to the soul of Omar Thorton...

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