Friday, October 15, 2010

101 Ways to Tell if she is a Psycho Chic

Just happened to see this ill pic and it made me think of 101 Ways to Tell if she is a Psycho chic....

Actual facts....
  • "I hope you go out there and f#ck with a girl who's got aids"
  • "If you don't come outside right now I'm going to key your car"
  • "Ah man you just to know if I really wanted to get a n!gga I'll just poison his food...and then just be like GOODNIGHT"
  • "Thats what I want you to do, I want you to put your hands on me so I can call the cops so you can get a tatste of what you put me through"
  • "You are a $2 n!gga"
  • If you were pregnant do you think I would want to be with you anyway "I ain't worried because I'ma just hit you where it them pockets n! ain't gotta do nothing but cut that check!"
  • "Sometimes I just wish I could smash your teeth in and break your face"
  • "...not if I crack you upside the face w/ this bottle"
  • "you are not going to Vegas without me if you are going to be w/ me"
  • "why are you in the bathroom singing love songs if you haven't tried to f#ck me in 3 days?"
  • "You can have and go be with that basic b!tch"
  • "I don't want to work....all I wanna do is spend money and look fly all day"
  • Could you imagine being in solitary confinement for 30days? "I couldn't take it, I would just bang my head against the wall until I bleed to death"

And I could go on and on....LMAO

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