Saturday, October 16, 2010

Word: Nearly 2 Tons OF Marijuana Seized By Border Patrol

     I'm confused. If we can sit here run numerous amounts of convert operations in the interest of "public interest" and "homeland security" then instead of taking all these packs and destroying em or using it flush out additional kingpin offenders, it's a recession, so why not take the work and attempt to redistribute it overseas and use the money to pay down each states budget deficit. The whole world has been d!ck riding on the US for a minute yet here it is a recession but the government is considering it as a victory for the seizure of 2.9 million worth of narcotics...but ultimately thats really 2.9 million less liquidity flowing through the system.

     I'ma hustler homey! You take this same package pitch it abroad, minus expenditures and a converted currency and that leaves you w/ at least 2 mil flat. So then thats less product on our streets plus an additional 2 million that can be funneled back into the states for education, resources, training etc...then maybe n!ggas can start to get some jobs again. Everybody looking to Pres. Obama for the answer but maybe it's gonna take this country to go back to how it was originally establish to succeed again...the ski mask way!

Courtesy of USDA2DAY:
The supply of marijuana might be drier after U.S. Border Patrol Agents discovered more than 3,600 pounds of the drug Friday in a tractor-trailer near Hebbronville.

Agents working the checkpoint on State Highway 359 performed an immigration check on the driver of a tractor-trailer truck, the Border Patrol reports. 
A drug-detecting dog alerted agents to the presence of drugs or people within the trailer and the decision was made to perform a search.

Inside agents found 201 black bundles of marijuana contained within three wooden crates of cargo, according to a news release.

The total weight was 3,625 pounds with an estimated street value of $2.9 million, the agency reports.

The driver, the tractor-trailer and the marijuana were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

No other information was available about the driver, a Border Patrol spokeswoman said.

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