Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food for Thought: Why so Many People are Afraid to Fail?

Not that I'm an expert by any means but in light of my own sketchy interests and off the wall ideas, and without measure I might add, that I am able to openly express and exchange w/ people... I often wonder why it seems as though some people seem to be so afraid to fail?  Like anything that you could even consider to be a sure thing, means its a secure thing....Like you ever had this idea that you were looped up and gassed about and then you try to go a politic w/ someone else about it and all they do is sleep on what you are saying in apprehension or clouds of doubts?  Or maybe not even you...but just incoherently slam dunk ya whole idea like you are even wasting their time for even bringing it up or they hit you with that "what in da hell" were you thinking monologue? So then now I'm sitting here thinking to myself like damn....why do i even speak to this &$%^@ in the first place?

I say all this because for some people..I mean all they've got is hope right (whether or not its a 2time felon or the kid working at @ Home Dept), so you take that and you take their spirit! So I guess what I'm trying to say is in my mind  I guess if you are always the person thats afraid to fail at everything then I guess it's kinda hard for me to look @ you like you've got either..


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