Saturday, November 6, 2010

Possible Medical Breakthrough: New Birth Control Lotion Reportedly Prevents Pregnancy

Word?? Now I'm all for it but something tells me that if you can take the fear out of the possibility of getting pregnant then inevitably all you do is begin to introduce something else especially w/ these hot in the ass girls nowadays...or maybe its just me! But anyway if you've ever considered trying your hand at investing then owning this stock would probably be a good move right here although more than  likely it would take a yr or so to get FDA approved...the ticker symbol is (AIS) for the company named Antares Pharma, however at this point it's merely a speculative play so #proceedwithcaution

Courtesy of News One:
It is being hailed as a possible medical breakthrough – contraception for women that’s not a pill or a patch, but a gel.

And you only use a small amount, rubbed anywhere on your body, like arms or legs. But perhaps the best part, the manufacturer claims, is that there are few or no side effects.

“What this will enable women to do is to use it daily as part of their hygiene routine, if you like,” said Dr. Paul Wotten from Antares Pharma.

Dr. Wotton and his team developed the product, called Nestorogel, a silky substance you can rub on your shoulders, arms, abdomen and thighs.

“I guess I’d use it, but like anything, I would look at what the side effects were,” said one woman.

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