Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UPDATE: 5 Teens Found Dead in Florida Hotel; Carbon Monoxide the Culprit

5 teens that checked into a Florida hotel room to celebrate a 19th birthday were found dead at 2pm today by a hotel maid.

The five were found in their street clothes on or around a bed. They were all apparently longtime friends from their Little Haiti neighborhood.

Police are still investigating the deaths, but authorities believe carbon monoxide caused the deaths. There were no signs of illegal drugs or alcohol in the room.

A 2007 Florida law requires that gas detectors be installed in hotel and motel boiler rooms. It also requires all homes and apartment buildings built after July 1, 2008, with a heater, fireplace or attached garage be equipped with an alarm within 10 feet of bedrooms.

Hialeah police are investigating the inspection and fire records of the Hotel Presidente to see if the building had been ordered to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Such a sad, tragic story!! Prayers to the family and friends of the victims!!

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