Monday, March 28, 2011

Technology: The Future of Desktop Computing

As an IT enthusiast myself it was almost impossible for me to not post this because if reflects the future of where desktops and technology are heading. Now obviously the technology already exist today based on what you can tell from in the picture, but the truth behind it all is that may companies are not willing to invest in these technologies because they are apprehensive to adapt to the innovation due to budgetary concerns, some say reliability, and to be quite honest - compatibility and/or supportability or expected useful life of the new technology. Either way just so you know, the future of computing is interacting with the environment (not just typing on a keyboard or clicking a mouse) but touching things (touchscreen),  voice recognition, and total control/customization of the system that you'll be working on...which means everythings tailored. Just like you want it, just for you.

Sorry....I guess I had a geeky moment for a minute there!

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