Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Around the Way Girls...

Now that I think about it, I honestly don't think that back in early 90's LL Cool J couldn't have said it better: "I Need an Around the Way Girl." After talking with one of my homegirls a couple of nights ago for hrs. it seems like all too often caring for some woman now has somehow turned into or became a complicated math problem like a2 x (ab)= y rather than a natural collaboration of souls.

And not to get all philosophically in depth but as people, a spiritually conscious people at that, we have all been nurtured with a particular sense that there ultimately is no escaping the one true internal struggle that we all face, just as the one cultivated in biblical times, which is the battle between good and evil, and ultimately the eternal passage into heaven or hell - so for the women who are now seemingly attempting to define their "love" as been more complicated than that.....then honestly I think ya'll can stay up because I highly doubt that anybody even cares how your "love is 300 light yrs from the moon" (lol) and furthermore even thinking wearing ya little hair wraps are going to inspire more of a sense of substance then ya spiritual essence does is a joke and ain't gonna necessarily get ya soul kissed by an angel either like the way some people may think it will so quite frankly maybe some of  ya'll need to come up off that and just relax and take notice.

And as I told my girl last night, my thought is, if my pursuit of anyone turns out to be more complicated and more multi-dimensional then my struggle to try to have a better relationship w/ God then honesty you can hold that thought too, life is to short - I don't need that love. Nobody needs that love. What ever happened to just plain ole around the way girls? Peace!

Shout out to my girl Akeeba who inspired this post!

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