Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mens Fascination w/ PornStars (Explained)...

So a couple of days ago I was talking one of my girl friends and we are talking about all of the things that we wanted to do before we died and when I told her that having sex with a porn star was one of the things on my list, it seemed like she decided to scratch the original convo from things we wanted to do before we died to now bugging asking me why just about all men say the same thing: I wanna have sex with a pornstar! So ladies here is the rundown... but let me first preface this by saying - #1 no man actually really cares about having sex with a "pornstar" literally ( you will never see anybody ever trying to save up all of their money to catch a flight to to Europe on a quest to bang a Hungarian porn star), rather its just the allure of the sexuality forged and presented and #2 if you or ya man really have any common sense then you should know that porn destroys intimacy, but intimacy is not sex...and typically, it just may be the thought of sex that gets a man aroused in a situation not intimacy so if neither of you can really understand the difference between the two then maybe both of ya'll are to young to be f*cking in the first place even if you are 50 #cornball. Lets go...

#1 - Confidence - Now I don't know how many times I've seen or been with a girl and they are itching to cover up their bodies afterwards, in between or during sex as if I haven't done seen it all already or even worse every time you are about to knock boots with them they are asking you to turn the lights off. #1 thats unattractive and #2 most real n!ggas rather keep the lights on anyway just so we can see all of that ish. So the point is you have to be able to be good in ya own skin! If seeing your man looking at you, look at yourself in the mirror doesn't produce the confidence for you to be able to seduce him right then, right there on the spot then you are still in the pee wee leagues and ain't even made it to pop warner yet LOL. Fat, skinny, big eyed, or big tittied most porn-stars are good with that and it projects through the screen so thats the allure....

#2 - Delivery - So this for all of you "My momma always told me..." type of chics. First of all, get off the boo boo! Secondly, assuming just about everyone gives head now (which by the way if you don't, then you are better off becoming a nun because chances are you will not ever be able to compete with all these hot in the ass women out here anyway), getting or giving head is just not something that you do in the beginning or end of sex no more, it should be something you do throughout the whole ordeal. Whatever you have in your sexual handbag shouldn't just come out in the same lame order every-time because thats predictable and boring. But now I'ma admit for the women that like to do anal, personally you ain't ever gonna get no backlash from me if you don't wanna suck me off after that because #1 I ain't licking nobodies ass & #2 even if i did, then I can guarantee you that after that even if we have already been back and forth at it for hours then technically I think you can say we just started because I ain't going out like that and just gonna lick somebodies booty hole and then roll over and go to sleep...ain't no half steeping, nah I've gotta make sure I redeem myself LMAO! So the point here is head or whatever you wanna call it is not just the precursor to sex like most girls think it is, its a variation of it, which goes for men if you keep switching it up in between and throughout to keep him/or her guessing then you just might be one step closer to getting you porn-star pin or merit badge!

#3 - Talking During Sex - Very very often underrated! If done correctly, talking during sex is stimulation but quite honestly could become just words during sex so the point here is that it's not necessarily what you say but how you say it. I challenge anyone to go out and buy or stream any porn online that was produced in 2010 and I'll guarantee you that every bodies talking, making noises, or something. So to all you girls out there who are just laying on your backs giving ya man the silent treatment like a piece of corn on the cob, nothing will last forever and its just only a matter of time before his excitement for you finds its way into somebody else (so even even he does quite do it for u, but you really feel like you wanna be with the kid then fake it till you make and eventually things will come around). Think of it like this....its kinda like kids playing a video game - so if a kid is playing by his self (jerking-off) then he'll usually be in his room quit right bcuz there's nothing really exciting about playing alone however if you let him bring one of his friends over and now they are playing together (couples sex) then things will typically tend to get a little more nosier and outta control right because they draw energy for each other! So the bottom line here is not every necessarily everyone needs for their ego to be stroked but we all just do need to feel like we are doing something and especially if you've got a freak just like you then the more you give, the more you'll get back.

#4 - Charisma - For most nympho's this really ain't an issue but you kinda gotta have some "put it downess" about you. So like the roman poet Horace "carpe diem" or seize the moment/day. Have enough courage to exploit your sexual intrigues or try to unravel his. Many woman like to have a man take control and to direct the sexual transitions from position to position, initiate encounters, etc but fail to consider that perhaps the same desires that work for them, can also have a profound impact if worked on men. Some women will take it in the mouth, face, hands, or wherever they can get it but still ain't manged to figure out the benefits of begging for it (which by the way this alone could probably increase pussy rating by 500%). This is just about having a sexual if you will.  Going through the motions never pays off. And also if you notice one thing about pornstars is that every-time you see them they are always looking like they are ready for action (obviously because they are on screen) so just before you try and go and give ya man a complimentary BJ just also try and consider how to set the stage for everything else as well. Porn-stars know this already! What do you think really sells pron dvd's? a) just pervs being pervs or b) the perception of women being super excited to have sex who can't wait to get their hair pulled and gobble your balls off. B!

#5 - Pole Position - So for all you head lovers out there I don't really care what anybody else says, being on your knees is the only true and real playa way to give a BJ (unless it's in the car) and just know that whatever you do, whatever you do - if you really want to have a lasting impression...don't use any hands! Enough said! If you have any questions about this then you really need to get a life.....

#6 - The Finish Line - As I'm sure just about everyone can imagine, how you finish a person off is really just about the most important aspect of sex in general. So FYI ladies: having a man skeet your or chest is not gangster and having a man skeet on your butt is just about as corney BUT telling or letting him skeet somewhere different every-time he has sex is priceless. Most men don't even really care if you'll swallow or not, its just knowing that you will or you won't that is the sexual intrigue. Simply because its that very uncertainty that builds anticipation for the next time it all goes down.

*Bonus* - Sexual IQ - Listen this is very simple and quite elementary actually but for some reason yet the least mastered of any of the others listed above, with the exception of porn-stars obviously, but there's 5 senses in the body: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing so if you are wise use and stimulate all of them simultaneously and you can't go wrong fat, tall, skinny, rich, or broke! For example, I'm a man right so (sight) I might rent out rooms with mirrors in the ceiling so she can see it all or make sure I position my bed by the mirrors in the house, (smell) just making sure i'm in tune with what smells she likes or more importantly what smells she likes on me, (taste) kinda tricky but I might keep some fruit or tasty treats by the bedside to feed her at intervals while I'm f*cking or while i'm stroking it just finger her juices for a minute and then stick my fingers in her mouth, (touch) in my experiences I've found that most girls will tell you what they like but perhaps I've found that you most often reap the greatest reward by discovering something new for them but this can be anything from pull hair, grabbing throats, cuffing somebody up in a specific way or even the slightest gentle things, (hearing) this is just any verbal communication or audio that can supplement the sex scene...talking, asking questions, talking dirty, or just even letting her hear your moan.

Bottom Line - As men we only become infatuated or excited by porn-stars because typically the women that we deal with in our everyday lives suggest that they are unrealistic to many of our sexual ambitions or interest. Aside from the few who are just nuts or who have become disconnected with reality! So Nonetheless, who in the hell knows how some women can be more inspired by money than by love from a sexual standpoint being that seemingly thats just about what appears to hold true today because it seems like you can pay someone who'll do just about anything or at least the way you like it but you have to almost convince the people you like, care for, or are in love with to see things in a new way. But anyway... who knows and who cares, but I'ma just keep doing me! *drakes voice* 

One Love

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