Thursday, October 28, 2010

Internet Safety: Top 5 Riskiest Country Web Domains

According to the Huffington Post:

McAfee used its Global Threat Intelligence database to analyze 27 million websites in 120 countries. According to McAfee, "[t]he database correlates multiple types of threat data from more than 150 million sensors located in more than 120 countries. These sensors--individual computers, gateway network devices, endpoint software, in-the-cloud hosted services--come from consumers, small- and mid-sized businesses, enterprise customers, educational institutions and governmental agencies."

Top five riskiest TLDs (top level domains)—With a weighted risk of 31.3%, .COM (Commercial—the most heavily trafficked TLD) was the most risky TLD. It took this title from .CM (Cameroon), which fell to fourth place this year, while .INFO jockeyed for a more risky position, up to second place from fifth place last year. The five TLDs with the greatest percentage of risky registrations were:

  • .COM (Commercial) 31.3%
  • .INFO (Information) 30.7%
  • .VN (Vietnam) 29.4%
  • .CM (Cameroon) 22.2%
  • .AM (Armenia) 12.1%

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