Sunday, October 24, 2010

Street Knowledge: D!ddy on “Fly 101″

Shouts out to Diddy! But although I'm feeling Diddy for this I had to do the remix...

Rule #1 - Options - I agree w/ Diddy on this hands down. You always gotta keep something for anything, anytime, anywhere.

Rule #2 - Originality - No matter what chu do, you just gotta do it like only you can so that way even if you and somebody share similarities, it just ain't quite the same!

Rule #3 - Flavor - call it swag, wavvy, dope boy fresh, or whatever you like but I think you get the message

Rule #4 - Extra Cash - I agree w/ Diddy on this a well. No matter how fly you think you are if you just sit there and nurse that Miller Lite all night or go to the strip club and not throw up any ones then you gonna look like a straight sucka! You Lose!

Rule #5 - Fresh - Probably the most overlooked rule: Bottom line if you don't smell fly, than you are dead out here swimming in a pool of women.

Rule #6 - D!ck Riders or Groupie Love - If you don't have any lil nieces or nephews out here trying to copy your style or you are that kid feeling yaself w/ no girls you are not popping son. 99.9% of people fall into this category. Especially the kid coming up the block w/ the latest threads on but ain't got no girls in his back pocket! LMAO

Peace & Love....stay wavvy!

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