Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Word: Proposition 19? Nah right....

     Unknown to me, but apparently there has been a California voter initiative introduced that would legalize the possession and sale of marijuana and will be voted on during the November 2 ballots next week. And if approved by voters, this will enable California to legalize various marijuana-related activities, allow local governments to regulate these activities, and permit local governments to impose and collect marijuana-related fees and taxes...which would substantially deny local and state officials the ability to authorize various criminal and civil penalties. Word??? LMAO yo this recession is real and got everybody trying anything to get the paper, even the state..DAMN!

     Nonetheless, all that means is that every state surrounding California are about to get crazy fat. That's my word..I betchu if Cali legalizes this then all of the "smart" police officers will be trying to relocate to all of the Californian border states to go and get that cake. I mean if you think about it, legalize weed in everyone is going to begin looking at it as a hub/entry point to at least get things in but because naturally you can't keep everything there and everyone is gonna be rushing in and trying to flee back home with the work anyway.... but the bottom line is they still gotta go through Neveda, Arizona, Oregon so if those states where smart all they'll need to do is built up their police forces to tackle trafficking around the border and take all the work they can confiscate and take it right back and sell it in the streets of Cali to create a money least that what I would do! That's why i could never be a police officer because I'll be the nastiest and grimiest pig you would ever see! Jesus weep!

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